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Citation XL

This well-known midsize business aircraft was produced by Cessna. It is well known for its strong performance, adaptability, and roomy cabin. Corporate passengers frequently select the Excel because of its transcontinental range and ability to operate in and out of smaller airports. It can carry seven or nine people at a time and travel a distance of about 1,900 nautical miles. It is a top choice for companies and people looking for a private aircraft that strikes a mix between comfort, performance, and operating economics.





802 km/h

top speed

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Citation operators trust the in-flight Wi-Fi system due to its quick, dependable, seamless nationwide internet coverage, easy installation, and configurable software-based platform.

In-flight entertainment

Cessna Citation Excel's in-flight entertainment options depend on the aircraft's owner or operator, and passengers should inquire beforehand to determine available options for their specific flight.

Impeccable service

The focus of impeccable service extends beyond meeting basic needs to exceeding expectations and creating lasting impressions that leave passengers feeling valued and appreciated.

Pre-stocked amenities

The pre-stocked amenities in a Cessna Citation Excel can vary based on the aircraft owner or operator's preferences.



Flight Attendant


Passengers Day

10 to max. 12

Passengers Night

3 single, 1 King size bed


Cruise speed

70 km/h, 470 kts, Mach 0.84

Max. range

6'850 km, 3'700 nm

Max. altitude

12'500 m, 41'000 ft


7.5 hrs


Cabin length

28.66 m, 28 ft 3 in

Cabin width

2.49 m, 8 ft 2 in

Cabin height

2.49 m, 8 ft 2 in 1.85 m, 6 ft 1 in


1 Lavatory aft

1 Galley

CD / DVD / players

High temperature oven

2 LCD monitors

Microwave oven


Coffee maker

2 phone stations

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